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Week 4:  Module 1

-In this module you’ll explore the foundation of taking control of your mental focus and mindset

-Help you to understand the difference of thoughts from feelings.

-Help you start identifying the automatic thoughts that are impacting your mood.

Week 4:  Module 2

-In this module you’ll explore the power of asking   better questions.

-Understand how a change in focus can transform your life.

-Start thinking about what questions you could be asking that could shift your life experience.

Week 4:  Module 3

-This module provides a step by step exercise for how to change the questions that are creating crappy results to questions that will take your life in a much clearer, more positive direction. 

Week 4:  Module 4

 -In this module you’ll learn the power of the stories we tell ourselves about our life and have the opportunity to rewrite the story to create a better outcome for your life.