/ 06


Week 6:  Module 1

-Learn a foundational concept of understanding your needs, and the needs of others.

-Lay the groundwork for changing the course of your relationships.

-Explore how you fulfill your basic needs in unhealthy ways with both people, activities and life circumstances.   

Week 6:  Module 2

In this module you’ll learn a different perspective on meeting others’ needs and specifically:

-How to gauge the fuel you and your relationship really needs.

-The real reason why you may be running on empty.

-What you can do to meet your partner’s needs in a major way.

Week 6:  Module 3

-Learn which of your relationships are contributing to your life & which ones are draining the most from you. 

-Also learn how to address those relationships that need changing.

Week 6:  Module 4

-Improve the quality of your relationships greatly by tackling this week’s challenge.