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Welcome to the program

-How to get the most out of this program and these audio files

Week 1:  Module 1

-Learn how this program is designed specifically for your needs

-Form your specific goals for what you want to get out of this class

Week 1:  Module 2

-Understand why men are at a disadvantage when it comes to managing their health

-Hear a powerful example of how a man in uniform transformed his life with skill and courage

-Clarify the hidden parts of yourself that sabotage your happiness

-Learn the most powerful antidote to feeling better

Week 1:  Module 3

-Get clear on how your body responds every time you’re stressed

-Learn the quickest way to counteract the stress response

-Identify the top stressors creating the most problems in your life

Week 1:  Module 4

-Understand what happens to you physically and emotionally and how these affect what you do everyday